PFO 1000 Particle Fall-Out Monitor

Real-Time Particle Fall-Out Monitoring for Cleanrooms

  • Automatic particle fall-out monitoring
  • Alerts/alarms for exceptions
  • Avoid contamination/yield losses
  • Track trends - allows continuous tracking with time and room activity
  • XCAM direct particle detection technology
  • Particle monitoring 5µ to >500µ
  • Reporting to ISO14644-9
  • Touchscreen reporting dashboard

XCAM PFO 1000 provides real-time monitoring of particle fall-out/deposition for cleanrooms. Whilst airborne sensing is ideal for small particles which remain suspended in the air and are removed by filtration, the higher risk to operations can be from particles larger than 5 µm, which are more quickly deposited on surfaces leading to contamination and yield losses.

Featuring XCAM's Direct Particle Detection (DPD) technology, the XCAM PFO 1000 series uses high performance silicon sensing to directly monitor particles settling on the surface of the sensor. Advanced recognition algorithms detect particle size and profile providing particle count by size, percent area covered and a differentiation between fibres and particles. Alarms can be triggered when pre-defined limits are exceeded.

Real-time particle fall-out monitoring provides actionable intelligence for a cleanroom supervisor to:

  • Take action to prevent yield losses part way through a key process.
  • Identify activities which create higher contamination levels.
  • Monitor the effects of process improvements.
  • Assess the effect of new processes.
  • Automatically collect surface contamination statistics for project reporting.

Developed for the European Space Agency for rocket and satellite applications.